Best Ways You Can Prepare Yourself for a High-Intensity Workout

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Thinking about what you should do for a workout? If that’s the case, then you should select a program depending on your age and personality. Here’s the best way to build your own workout routine. Alternatively, you can go through a guide that tells you everything about strength training.

Determine the situation

If you can spare an hour every day, then it’s awesome. If you have a family and responsibilities to carry out, then it’s completely fine to go for a workout of thirty minutes. Whatever might be the convenient time, you should know how to utilize the time. You shouldn’t be spending hours when you can accomplish everything within 30 minutes for the day. Once you have decided to join the gym, then you can start building the routine.

Types of exercises

The best workout is always the thing that you can do at your level best. It’s pointless to make things complicated and work on your muscles through different exercises. This would eventually lead to nowhere and be much exhausting and inefficient. So, to begin with, you should go for squats with both the legs and then with one of the legs. Moving ahead, you should focus on exercises that strengthen your chest, shoulders, lower back, and abdominal muscles. Make sure you pick one exercise from every category so it’s easier to work on every single muscle. Once you become confident, you shouldn’t hesitate to add variety for the days you have planned for during the week.

Once you finished with the exercises, allow your muscles to recover for at least 48 hours. Usually, you should follow a Monday-Wednesday-Friday routine and focus on getting stronger with every movement.

Number of sets

A set is nothing but a series of repetitions you can complete without a pause. For instance, if you start off with 10 push-ups then could just mean one set. Moreover, you shouldn’t think much if you move on with 4 or 5 sets. Try to keep the number of sets within the range 15-25 rather than doing something just to boast how much you can do.

Unless and until you have gone through fitness training, you shouldn’t do multiple exercises with 10 sets. Ideally, the limit should be 4-5 sets for every exercise or else you may feel the pain around your muscles.

Weights that need to be lifted

During a workout, you should lift weights that can easily get you through the set. In case the load is heavy, then you might not have the stamina to do other exercises. If you are toning your body, then you need to seek a way that would keep your body in good shape. Once you are comfortable with 20 reps and not feeling tired, then it’s time to mix things up. Always challenge yourself and try to increase the weight slowly.

Finally, forty-five minutes to one hour should be the time period you need to spend for exercises. Ensure you do the ten minutes warm-up exercises and extend the workout for some time.

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