Anytime Fitness Membership Fees

Anytime fitness membership fees structures are very comfort for each people either they are coming from common background or reach background. There divided all structure into two parts. Mainly anytime fitness membership fees are divided into two groups.

1) Normal membership

If you are fresher for fitness equipment and join first time then as I suggest please go with normal membership package. I am not suggesting it because of little low price but it will give your exact idea about what is fitness and how it workout process.

anytime fitness membership normal fees Monthly basis

Enrolment fees: $99
Monthly fees: $40

Annual Fees (Paid at once)

Enrolment fees: $0
Monthly fees: $399 With Family Add-On - $550.00

All below facilities are covered into Normal Membership
  1. 24-Hour Secure Access It’s really beneficial for all corporate and working women who have no time for they fitness. Some people I see that they personally don’t know when they get time. These types of people can take 24*7 open advantage.
  2. Aerobics Classes You may get advantage of aerobics training. It also included into package. You may also get aerobics trainer and who are available any time.
  3. Free Weights Most of the people or we can said girls join fitness center for loss they weight and get they figure back. The main problem of girls is they not controlled on food and because of it, they must have to attend fitness. Here weights are free with package. If you want increase your weight than also it is possible.
  4. Nautilus Weight Machines With help of these machines you can loss your weight fast. So if you want decrease your weight fast than this process is very helpful.
  5. Treadmills Lots of exercise machines was came and gone but one of them which still favorite of fitness people which is Treadmills. “Running is best exercise” said one of best fitness trainer. And this exercise is really easy which can be easily done by lady or girls or old people.
  6. Stationary Bikes If you want to build your hips and make your legs strong then this fitness equipment is for you. You can also loss your weight with this workout process. You can control speed and all other things which you may increase step by step.
  7. Elliptical Trainers This is not you found in every fitness centers. It is really great help to give you energy back and in weight loss process.
  8. Stairmasters It has revolving stairs and stepping machines. This will give your best workout process.
  9. Other Conditioning Equipment (balls, mats, bands, etc.) These all other equipments are also available. Balls, mats, and bands are available for exercise.
  10. FREE Fitness Orientation
  11. Shower and Locker Facilities There are not taking any additional fees for shower and locker facility.
  12. Membership Freeze/Extend Option You will never get this facility in any of the other fitness company. Because of that problem lots of complaints are occur on behalf of the other fitness company. Suppose you want to go outside of the station and you will be back after a 10 or 20 days then you may freeze your account. So you will not get loss of this few exercise days.
2) Gold Membership anytime fitness membership gold fees Monthly basis:

Enrolment fees: $99
Monthly fees: $55

Annual Fees (Paid at once)

Enrolment fees: $0
Monthly fees: $560 With Family Add-On - $725.00

All above 1 to 12 facilities are added and also added below facility.
1) Unlimited Racquetball Court Time
2) Unlimited Aerobics Classes